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About Video Cameras: Popular Features and Options

It’s not easy to be black and white about video cameras because the market is teeming with options. There are cameras that cater to all kinds of needs and purposes. Some are meant simply...[more]

Camcorder Controls: How To Use Auto White Balance

White balance is an important aspect in photography which will help you capture accurate colors in different light conditions. Different types of lighting have a major impact on the captured image, and a camcorder...[more]

Getting the Most Out of Your HDR Camcorder

A HDR Camcorder is a range of video cameras produced by Sony. All of these have hard drives, which means that there is no need to worry about tapes or memory cards filling up...[more]

Camcorder Controls: Understanding Focus Pulling

Focus pulling seems like it should be a simple thing to do. In actuality, this job is one of the most difficult to master. It takes a lot of practice and experience to become a...[more]

How To Use Optical Zoom Lenses on a Camcorder

Today there are two types of zooms that can be found on cameras: an optical zoom and a digital zoom. In order to get the best from each zoom, it is necessary to understand how...[more]

How to Use Wide Angle Lenses on a Camcorder

Learning how to use the wide angle lenses mechanism on a camcorder is important to filming. These lenses capture a greater view. Basically, the focal length is much shorter than normal lenses. Also, there are...[more]

Understanding Camcorder Bit Rates

Camcorder bit rates have facilitated the movement of video data from one type of storage device to the next. Scientists have described it as being the quantity of condensed video information being transferred into a...[more]

Understanding AVCHD Camcorder Format

Advanced video codec high definition camcorder format is a modern technological device utilized in the filming industry. It allows recorded video files to be captured on a hard drive. This is a phenomenal twenty-first century...[more]

Understanding Camcorder Frame Rates

Camcorder frame rates are used as a device to offer viewing audiences correct imaging and excellent audio clarity in a video. Its function is very important to film production due to the significance of sound...[more]

How to Use the Exposure Settings on Your Digital Camcorder

The exposure settings on the camcorder can be used to help get the best videos. Much of the exposure has to do with the amount of light that is let into the film when the...[more]

Protecting a Digital Camera Lens

A video camcorder is a very sensitive piece of equipment. It can be easily damaged through careless handling. As such, persons who manage this equipment need to be aware that there are definite techniques that...[more]

How To Use Fixed Focus Lenses on a Camcorder

Fixed focus lenses can be used in camcorders and digital cameras. These are a much cheaper type of lens than zoom lenses and are technically inferior. This lens does not move to magnify the picture;...[more]

Camcorder Controls: How To Use Gain

The gain feature used off your camera can be beneficial for the overall brightness of your video image in a situation where there is no control of lighting at a location. This particular setting can...[more]

Camcorder Controls: How To Use the Iris

The iris is an aperture that controls the amount of light that comes in through the lens of a camera. The principles of the iris are the same as the human eye. When light is...[more]

Video Camcorders: 4 Basic Lighting Tips

When dealing with video camcorders, one of the first things you'll notice in a quality video is good lighting. Highlights or bright spots are the first thing that draws your eye's attention. Here are a...[more]

Understanding Focal Length on a Camcorder

Most people who use a camcorder do not understand exactly what the focal length is. This is because you don't really need to understand this term to use your camera. If you want to make...[more]

Understanding CCD & CMOS Camcorder Image Sensors

When considering digital video cameras, you will need to take a look at the image sensors. The image sensor is the most important device inside your digital camera, which is responsible for converting the light...[more]

A Guide To Camcorder Features

If you've just picked up your new camcorder, you'll notice several select camcorder features that will be helpful as you make your videos. Some of these features may be the reasons you selected a particular...[more]

Understanding Your Camcorder's Aperture

If you want to use your camcorder the best you can, then you will need to learn about aperture and various other settings. These settings can be used to take much more compelling photographs that...[more]

Understanding Video Camcorder Face Detection

Many digital cameras have included face detection as standard for some time now. Just recently, video camcorders have also started adding this useful feature. The feature is actually very clever and makes it possible for...[more]

6 Reasons To Get a GPS Camcorder

When shopping for a video camera, you might stumble across a GPS camcorder. These are very useful types of camcorders which can record the location where a video was recorded. While these are more expensive...[more]

Explaining Flash Camcorders

There are many different types of video cameras available, including flash camcorders. Although flash technology might be newer than tapes, they are fairly affordable. There are many different types of camcorders which are available with...[more]

How To Use the Zoom on a Video Camcorder

The digital camera lens on your camcorder will almost always support zoom. Virtually any modern camcorder allows you to zoom into a subject and make it look much closer than it really is. Most cameras...[more]

A Guide to HD Video Cameras

HD video cameras are a great way to record your family movies in the highest quality possible. High Definition recording is becoming more popular as a result of HD TVs becoming much more common. By...[more]

A Guide to Pocket Camcorders

Modern technology is making things smaller all the time, including pocket camcorders. These camcorders are perfect for many different types of people because they fit in your pocket and can be taken anywhere. You will...[more]

Camcorder Controls: How to Follow Focus

There are many different techniques that you should learn when using a camcorder, one of the most important is follow focus. This is an interesting technique however additional equipment will be required to use follow...[more]

Post Production: When To Use a Camcorder Filter

Many camcorder filters are used because there are just some things that cannot be fixed in post production but can be avoided if you use the correct filter. Filters are always used by professionals though...[more]

Production Lighting: 6 Tips for Filming at Night

Adequate lighting is important with any film production. This is especially true with filming during the night. The amount and quality of light lets you see the elements included in the scene. Filming at night...[more]

Post Production: How To Duplicate Your own DVDs

If you are producing your own videos then learning how to duplicate DVDs will be very useful. Duplicating DVDs simply means copying them to multiple disks. If your videos are already stored on DVD then it...[more]

Camcorder Controls: Understanding Zebra Patterns

Mastering your camcorder controls will make it much easier to take high quality, professional looking videos. There are many different controls that you need to master including zebra patterns. This is a special mode of...[more]

Camcorder Controls: Understanding Color Temperature

The color temperature of your camcorder can affect the look of your video. By learning how to adjust the color temperature, you can make your video look completely different. This makes it possible to make...[more]

Camcorder Controls: How To Use the Level and Center Marks

The best camcorders tend to offer the most features in their camcorder controls. One special feature found in the better camcorders is 'Level and Center Marks'. These special features are designed to assist videographers with...[more]

Camcorder Controls: How To Use Manual White Balance

Mastering the Manual White Balance controls of your digital camera will make it much easier to create professional looking videos. The white balance setting controls the balance of colors and will affect how your camera...[more]

Camcorder Controls: How To Use Shutter Speed

Learning how to use all the features on your camcorder, including shutter speed, will make it much easier to take professional looking videos. These techniques will also give you a firm foundation on which to...[more]

Camcorder Controls: Understanding Exposure

Exposure is probably one of the most common features in a camcorder. It is the control used to let you adjust the exposure in your camcorder. Exposure is an important tool in your camcorder because...[more]

Camcorder Controls: How To Rack Focus

By mastering techniques such as rack focus you will find it much easier to create professional looking videos using your camcorder. Your video camera is a very complicated device which takes a long time to...[more]

Adjusting Your Digital Video Camera View Finder Explained

Working with the camera view finder as opposed to the LCD screen can be more beneficial to the videographer because it is a true representation of the image that will be captured. Your LCD screen...[more]

Names and Functions of Camcorder Plug and Accessories

There are different types of camcorder plugs out in the market today depending on the function of your camcorder and what plugs and accessories are needed. To use many of the camcorder's features, you may...[more]

How to Adjust Your Video Camera LCD Screen to Different Environments

Your video camera LCD screen will make it possible to see what you're taking a video of and also replay any videos that you've recorded. LCD screens are wonderful, but there are a number of...[more]

How to Play Back Video Recording on Digital Video Cameras

One of the most fun parts of videography is playing back your video recordings. After all, you should always double check your recordings to make sure they turned out okay before moving on. Plus, there's...[more]

Understanding the Number of Picture Lines on Your Digital Video Camera

The number of picture lines on your digital video camera will vary by the type of TV IMAGE created by the camera. More picture lines create a sharper picture, allowing hi-def images to be sharper...[more]

Digital Video Camera: SP and LP Recording Explained

Digital video camcorders that use tapes allow you to choose between SP and LP recording. SP stands for standard play and LP stands for long play. Videos recording in SP tend to be of a...[more]

Battery Use and Recording in HDV Format Explained

When shooting in the HDV format, you might be concerned with how your style of working will affect your camera battery's life. The biggest factor in determining battery life is your image sensor. Older camcorders...[more]

Battery Life When Recording on DV Format Video Explained

When recording in DV format video, your camera is dependent on a battery for power. There are many factors that affect how quickly the battery will be drained, but the most important one is your...[more]

How to Record on Digital Camera Recorders

The process for recording is pretty much universal for all digital camera recorders. Choose a Recording Format If you're shooting on a camera that uses tapes, then the first step is putting the tape into...[more]

Checking Remaining Battery Information on Digital Video Cameras Explained

The battery information on your camera will tell you how much power is left inside the batteries. This information will be displayed on your LCD panel, but it might not always be visible. It's a...[more]

How to Record Yourself on a Digital Video Camera

If you have a digital video camera, you might be interested in finding out how you can record yourself. Recording yourself is actually very easy, and can be used to make a video recording of...[more]

LCD Indicator and Symbols While Recording Explained

When recording, there are a number of LCD indicator symbols that mean a variety of different things. There are lots of different symbols that are all designed to tell you different things about your video...[more]

How to Change the Language on Screen of Your DV Camera View Finder

Most digital video cameras support multiple language screen options. This is useful if you buy a camera from a foreign country. Depending on the camcorder you have, you might be able to use different languages....[more]

How to Charge a Battery Pack on Your Digital Video Camera

One of the most basic things that every videographer should know is how to change a battery. It is a simple and quick process that is, for the most part, universal amongst all digital camcorders....[more]

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