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3 Popular Uses of Mini Video Recorders

Mini video recorders, or camcorders, are designed to be small and portable, giving consumers ease of operation. They are capable of taking the highest quality videos without compromising their size. Below are the three...[more]

How the Panasonic 4/3" Video Camcorder will Change the Industry

Panasonic has announced the release of the first micro 4/3-inch Panasonic video camcorder which optimizes video recording. It is scheduled for release by the end of 2010 and will set a new standard for...[more]

How to Use Your Mini DV Camera as a Mini DV Player

Buying a mini DV player makes it very easy to play back mini DV tapes on your television. These devices are, however, quite expensive and there is a much cheaper alternative. It's relatively easy...[more]

3 Popular Professional Digital Camcorders for Low Budget Productions

Professional digital camcorders that are available today cover a fairly high end market range, and they provide a huge amount of gadgets and features. Here are three professional digital camcorders you can use for...[more]

Guide to Using Mini DV Digital Camcorders for TV Production

With the proliferation of numerous digital DV camcorders and many video based websites like DailyMotion, YouTube and MetaCafe, a lot of film makers are stepping into make short films to showcase their talents to...[more]

Canon Legria FS200: How Flash Memory Makes Shooting and Editing Much Easier

The Canon Legria FS200 camcorder records all the footage directly onto SD memory cards. There are a number of reasons why this is easier to use than DV tapes and even mini DVD camcorders....[more]

3 Features to Consider When Buying a Night Vision Video Camera

A night vision video camera can be a lot of fun and is quite useful as well. Here are a few features you can check for before buying this type of camera. 1. Infrared...[more]

Benefits of the Canon Vixia Series Camcorders over Other Brands

Anyone buying a Canon Vixia camcorder will be able to benefit from a number of advanced features. It's important to consider all of these features when deciding which type of camcorder you should buy....[more]

4 Types of Mini Video Camcorders

There are several mini video camcorders on the market, and they are used for various purposes. Here are some popular types of mini video camcorders: 1. Flip-Mono The digital flip-mono uses a USB jack...[more]

Guide to Choosing Video Cameras for Low Budget Independent Films

If you make independent films, then wisely spending the shoestring budget that you are on is often a top priority. While choosing and buying equipment, you can get a lot of bang for your...[more]

Guide to Understanding HD Digital Camcorders

There are many different types of HD digital camcorders that you can choose from. You will need to compare the different features so that you can purchase the best camcorder for your needs. High...[more]

Video Camera Comparisons: Major Differences between Pro and Consumer Features

Purchasing a video camera can be quite confusing and a lot of video camera comparisons should be done. Video recording has become so advanced that you can now take high quality recordings with a...[more]

How to Buy A Video Camera: 3 Must Have Features

Many people are trying to find out how to buy a video camera. Here are of the best features that you should look for when choosing a camcorder. By deciding on these features, it...[more]

Features that Make It Easy to Create Movies with a DVD Camera

If you are looking for a DVD camera which can be used to make movies, then you will need to consider a few different features. These features will make it much easier for you...[more]

Guide to Getting Started in Filmmaking

To get started in filmmaking, it helps to know someone already in the industry. If you do not have any connections, here are some tips to get you started. When you are a go-getter...[more]

Guide to Choosing Professional Camcorders for Indie Films

There are a lot of professional camcorders out there to choose from for shooting your indie movie. The one you choose is ultimately up to your personal tastes, needs and budget. However, there are...[more]

3 Popular Uses of HD Camcorders

HD camcorders are used for many purposes when making videos. They can be used for anything from family fun to professional videos for low budget movies. Here are three popular uses of HD camcorders:...[more]

4 Popular Features to Compare When Buying an HD Video Camcorder

When looking at an HD video camcorder, there are a few things to consider. Don’t get taken by price alone; be wise and make sure you are buying for the longer term. Here are...[more]

DV Basics: How to Select a Digital Video Camcorder

The DV digital video camcorder has revolutionized video shooting and now almost anyone can take great looking video footage. Due to the wide range of models available in the market today, it sometimes becomes...[more]

How to Buy a Professional Grade High Def Video Camera

If you are looking to buy a high def video camera to be used for television production and feature films, there are many things you'll need to take into consideration. The Sony Corporation introduced...[more]

4 Features to Consider When Buying a USB Video Camera

There are many different USB video camera devices available in a variety of different forms. It's important to consider a few different features so that you can choose the best camera for you. 1....[more]

4 Tips for Choosing Movie Making Software

With so many programs in the market today, choosing movie making software for your needs can be quite a task. The competition between manufacturers is so fierce that all of them seem to be...[more]

How to Buy and Compare a Digital Video Camera

When you are trying to compare digital video camera models, it can be very confusing. There are dozens of different features that you will need to consider before you are able to make the...[more]

Advantages of a DVD Digital Camcorders over Other Formats

There are a few different types of digital camcorders that you can choose from, and some of the most popular are DVD digital camcorders. When choosing between the different types of camcorders, it is...[more]

3 Tips for Buying a Cheap Digital Camcorder

If you want a cheap digital camcorder, there are more and more models arriving on the market every day. With the advent of the mini camcorders, they have become the gadget that people tend...[more]

Why Buying the Latest Video Camera Is Not Always the Best Choice

It can be tempting to upgrade to the latest video camera every few months, however, there are quite a few reasons why you shouldn't. Technology is moving at such a rate that what you...[more]

How Tests are Conducted for a Comparison of Video Cameras

Video cameras comparison tests are the essential benchmarking techniques that are used by most of the reviewers while suggesting the best brands or cameras. Learning about video cameras comparison tests and techniques can help...[more]

4 Popular Websites to Buy a Canon Camcorder

Canon camcorders have become extremely popular and several stores are selling them. Some of the websites you can purchase a Canon camcorder at are: 1. Canon When looking for a Canon camcorder, you would...[more]

DV Video Cameras: 3 Tips for Choosing between DV and Flash Cards

When you are comparing DV video cameras, you will find that there are two main types. These are camcorders which record on DV tapes and flash memory cards. There are lots of different reasons...[more]

Why a Film Camera may be a Better Choice than Video

Many people will consider purchasing a professional film camera rather than a digital video camera. These aren't necessarily better but are able to do certain things better than others. These film cameras are used...[more]

2 Tips for Finding a Discount on Video Cameras

Discount video cameras are available at many places. To find a great discount, you need to hunt at the correct places. Here are two tips for finding a discount on video cameras to ensure...[more]

4 Popular Features to Consider when Buying an HD Digital Camcorder

An HD digital camcorder can produce quality videos, but before purchasing one, there are several things you need to take into consideration. Where are you going to use it? How much money are you...[more]

Old Video Cameras: 3 Ways Standard Definition can Still be Useful

Just because something is old, it doesn't mean that it's useless; old video cameras are a prime example of this fact. While many new cameras support high definition, there are plenty of reasons why...[more]

How a 3D Pocket Camcorder Works

Learning how a 3D pocket camcorder works can help you understand which kind of 3D pocket camcorder is best for you. In order to obtain the right kind of 3D video or image, it...[more]

Make Your Own Video in 4 Simple Steps

Thanks to modern technology, it's never been easier to make your own video. You probably own several devices which are capable of capturing high quality videos that you can then edit and burn onto...[more]

How to Create Online Videos with Video Maker

Video Maker software is essential to prepare videos (amateur or professional) for online viewing of sites like Youtube, Metacafe, Revver or Viddler. These days almost any device (video recorder, video camera or cell phone)...[more]

JVC Digital Video Cameras: Beneficial Design Features for Professionals

JVC digital video cameras present a number of design benefits which make them perfect for professionals. You'll will be able to enjoy using these camcorders to capture unique and interesting footage. This can help make...[more]

Critical Features to Consider When Buying a Pro Video Camera

The decision to buy a pro video camera is an important one and there are certain features you should look for when buying a video camera for professional applications. High Definition (HD) or Standard...[more]

4 Tips to Buy a Digital Video Camera

With hundreds of camcorders flooding the market, you need to consider some things before you buy a digital video camera. With specifications, designs and functions changing fast, it is important that you determine what...[more]

Why Professionals Prefer a 3 CCD Video Camera

Professionals will often prefer to purchase a 3 CCD video camera, as these offer many benefits over other models. Consumer video cameras are perfect for documenting family memories. However, they are not suited for...[more]

3 Tips for Selecting a Movie Camera

When selecting a movie camera, you need to consider many factors to ensure you make the right selection. Here are three tips for selecting the right movie camera: 1. Consider Usage The first thing...[more]

4 Popular Features to Consider for a Cheap HD Video Camera

You can find many cheap HD video camera nowadays. More and more manufacturers are coming out with their own models and brands. Here are four popular features to consider when purchasing a cheap HD...[more]

Digital Video Cameras: How the DV Format Works

DV digital video cameras have revolutionized the process of video capture and video editing. Previously, video cameras could store on tape, with video frames in formats like VHS and Hi8 which were analog formats....[more]

Disadvantages of Cheap Digital Video Cameras

It may seem tempting to buy cheap digital video cameras, however, there are a few reasons why you shouldn't. Some cheap cameras are good value for money, while others are poor imitations of much...[more]

Movie Making: 4 Tips for New Film Makers

To get started with movie making, you need to gather or rent the appropriate equipment. Try checking what your local school has available. If they know you are interested in making movies, they will...[more]

What Video Camera Features Make Shooting Easier?

There are many functions and settings found on camcorders, but it’s not always easy to determine exactly what video camera features make your life as a filmmaker much easier. Some of these features focus...[more]

Advantages of a Panasonic Professional Video Camera over Other Brands

When choosing a Panasonic professional video camera, you will find that there are a number of benefits with these cameras compared to other brands. This makes the camera perfect for anyone who wants to...[more]

3 Advantages of Small Video Cameras

There are many reasons why people might want to buy small video cameras rather than larger models. It's important to consider these advantages so that you can decide whether or not these cameras will...[more]

How to Choose a DVD Video Camera

If you are trying to buy a DVD video camera, then you will first need to compare the different models available. There are lots of different DVD video cameras available, all of which will...[more]

Recommended Features for a Kids Video Camcorder

Kids like to have items that make them feel grown up and having a kids video camcorder is no different. However, too many features can confuse children and make the camera difficult for them...[more]

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