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5 Tips for Finding Deals on Digital Camcorders

With the Internet, it is much easier to get whatever you need, especially if you are looking for a good deal on digital camcorders. In order to find good deals, you must be willing...[more]

4 Tips for Buying JVC Digital Camcorders

You've decided you want to buy one of the JVC digital camcorders, but how do you decide which one to get? Here are some tips to help you choose: 1. Browse Your Choices Online...[more]

Disc Format Guide for JVC DVD Camcorders

JVC DVD camcorders have been popular amongst gadget freaks and casual home users due to their exceptional quality and good support. These camcorders offer a couple of disc format options that may be a...[more]

5 Tips on How to Buy a DVD Camcorder

It all seems pretty straightforward when you set out to buy a DVD camcorder, but that is before you are faced with a multitude of choices. Here are some things you should research prior...[more]

3 Tips for Buying a Video Camera

Buying a video camera can cost you anywhere from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars. Because this is a fairly large purchase, you want to get something that will last a long...[more]

How to Capture Video Simply with the Dazzle Digital Video Creator

The Dazzle Digital Video Creator can be used to capture video from your old VHS collection, so that you can hang onto those precious moments in your life. The Digital Video Creator is easy...[more]

3 Tips About Video Cameras to Know Before Buying

There are a few things to know about video cameras before purchasing one. A camera is the one piece of filmmaking equipment that is constantly changing, especially in the last decade. Years ago, the...[more]

Pocket Digital Video Camcorder Comparison: Flip vs Bloggie

When choosing a pocket digital video camera, you will be able to choose from the Flip or the Bloggie. Both of these are very small compact cameras which can be taken anywhere you go...[more]

Why You Should Buy Camcorders Only from an Authorized Merchant

If you are going to buy Canon camcorders, or camcorders from another reliable brand, it is important that you buy only from an authorized merchant. If you don't, you could be risking your time,...[more]

Hitachi Video Camcorder: 4 Benefits of the Blu-Ray Format

There are many different Hitachi video camcorder models available. Many of the latest models record directly onto mini blu ray discs. This provides users with a number of benefits which need to be considered....[more]

4 Must Have Accessories for Professional HD Camcorders

Professional HD camcorders may give you the best quality and output for your projects, but there are crucial add-ons you still must invest in. There are a number of accessories for your professional HD...[more]

Compare DVD Camcorders: JVC vs Sony vs Panasonic

If you want to compare DVD camcorders, then it will certainly pay to compare JVC vs Sony vs Panasonic. These are, after all, the top names in the camcorder business and so a comparison...[more]

How to Download Video from a Canon Camcorder with a Hard Drive

If you are using a Canon hard drive camcorder, then you will need to find out how you can use it to transfer the videos to your computer. This whole process is very easy...[more]

3 Tips for Shooting an Indie Film with a Cheap DV Camcorder

You have an awesome script, a great group of friends that can act, and your cheap DV camcorder in tow. You’re ready to make waves in the indie filmmaking scene and create a groundbreaking...[more]

Digital Filmmaking: How to Get Started

Thanks to advances in technology over the last couple of decades, digital filmmaking is now accessible to more people than ever before. All you need to make your own productions is a digital camcorder,...[more]

How to Use a Tiny Video Camera for Surveillance

It certainly will pay to learn how to use a tiny video camera for surveillance, as proper usage can help you in a number of ways. Typically, such cameras are well equipped and are...[more]

Consumer vs Professional Video Camcorder: 4 Major Differences

A consumer video camera may serve the same function as a professional video camcorder, but many differences exist between these cameras, both in use and in output. A consumer camcorder simply captures moving images...[more]

4 Websites to Buy a Refurbished Digital Camcorder

A refurbished digital camcorder is just as good as new; getting good deals on gifts is worth the search. Refurbished digital cameras on the following sites are affordable and most come with money back guarantees....[more]

How to Use the Camera for Your Computer to Make Artful Images

The camera for your computer, in other words the webcam, can be used effectively to make arty images. Great pictures always make a great impression; just keep in mind these simple steps. Step 1:...[more]

Benefits of Using Flash Memory for Video Cameras

Flash video cameras are relatively new. Instead of recording onto a DVD disc, hard drive or tape, these record directly onto flash memory cards. These cameras use the same memory cards which are used...[more]

Guide to Finding a Brand Authorized Video Camera Shop

With a lot of gadgets being sold almost everywhere nowadays, it’s important that you get your hardware from an authorized video camera shop. A lot of stores sell products at bargain prices, but do...[more]

How to Burn DVD's from Your Canon Camera Hard Drive

With some models of video cameras made by Canon, hard drive options are built inside. The internal storage allows the user to capture video and save it inside the video camera. From here, the...[more]

How a Camera Stabilizer Works

Unless you get to learn about how a camera stabilizer works, chances are high that you will not find a proper solution to help you solve the problem of image shaking at the time...[more]

How to Choose Additional Lenses for Your New Digital Camcorder

If you are looking to find out how to choose additional lenses for your new digital camcorder, you will find that the options available to you are not as many as are available for...[more]

Step by Step Guide to Movie Making For Kids

Movie making for kids is quite different than making movies for adults. You have to keep the kids attention, but these movies generally need to star kids. For beginners, trying to make a movie...[more]

Do It Yourself, Moving Camera Rig

A moving camera rig is a piece of equipment which is designed to keep your camera steady when moving. Jerky footage is something that is only ever tolerated in home movies. Professional videographers simply...[more]

How to Get the Most from Your DVD Movie Camera

A DVD movie camera is a type of camcorder which offers the ability to record directly to a DVD. This type of video camera has a number of pluses over other types, but it...[more]

DVD Camcorder Comparison: Sony vs. Panasonic

If you are looking for the best high performance consumer DVD camcorder, you will want to start your search by making a DVD camcorder comparison. These products are both aimed at hobbyists that are...[more]

Digital Camcorder Info: What to Know Before You Buy

When choosing a camcorder, you will need to learn about digital camcorder info so that you can choose the right camera. There are a number of features that you should be aware of so...[more]

5 Useful Tips to Make Your Own Vacation Video

Vacations are memorable times and using a camcorder to make your own video is the best way to keep those cherished memories around many years later. Here are some tips on how to make...[more]

Canon Legria: Available Recording Formats

The Canon Legria camcorder has excellent features and will provide outstanding image quality. It also offers good value for money. There are a range of models available that offer a number of recording formats,...[more]

3 Popular Movie Making Programs

Movie making programs are what makes it possible for digital filmmakers to turn their footage into a polished movie. There are a lot of programs on the market to choose from for your editing...[more]

Digital Camcorder Comparison: Popular Features for Indie Movie Productions

If you're planning to shoot an indie movie, then you might find a digital camcorder comparison of some popular features that filmmakers enjoy to be very helpful. After all, the camcorder is your most...[more]

4 Techniques to Use a Video Camera for Indie Movies

The way you use a video camera will greatly determine the emotional impact that your shots have on an audience. When camera movement is properly used and executed, it can greatly raise the production's...[more]

Basic Cinematography for Independent Filmmaking

Thanks to advantages in technology, independent filmmaking is available for anyone who has an interest in it, regardless of their budgets. If you have a great idea and an excellent work ethic, then you...[more]

What to Know about Your Video Camera for an Indie Film

There are many types of video cameras for indie filmmakers. The choices range from consumer level to professional units that can even rival film. To be able to best practice your craft, you have...[more]

Sony vs JVC DV Camcorder

The Sony and JVC DV Camcorders are two of the top brand models dominating the industry today. So, which of the two should you choose when it comes to digital video recording? Let’s take...[more]

DV Format Types Possible for a Video Camcorder

A DV video camcorder is a very common type of video camera. These cameras use small tapes which are installed into the camera. There are a few different formats used by digital video camcorders....[more]

Top 4 Video Camera Accessories

You should consider buying these top video camera accessories so that you can make the most out of your camera. You can find these video camera accessories for an affordable rate. Choosing the right...[more]

Guide to Understanding the Basic Features of a Video Camera

Today's camcorders have so many different features that you might find yourself wanting a video camera guide to help you make your purchasing decision. This article will help you get a understanding of the basic...[more]

Digital Camcorder Basics: 3 Tips for Buying a Camcorder

If you're trying to buy a new digital camcorder or camcorder, you will need to bear a few different features in mind. By thinking about the features available on the camcorder you are buying,...[more]

What a Digital Camcorder can Do Better than a Film Movie Camera

Have you ever wondered what a digital camcorder can do better than a film movie camera? In a world full of 3D and HD videos, film movie cameras are now becoming a thing of...[more]

Old Movie Cameras: What Collectors Value the Most

Old movie cameras are completely different from the camcorders you buy nowadays from your local electronics store. Today's cameras operate with computers and chips, while old movie cameras did the job with mechanisms and...[more]

How To Buy a Camcorder: 5 Must Have Features

When learning how to buy a camcorder, you will need to understand which features are required. There are many different camera features that you can choose from. By choosing these carefully, it is possible to...[more]

5 Features to Consider When Buying Digital Camcorders

Buying digital camcorders can be intimidating, especially due to the ever-increasing technological advancements being made constantly. However, a few basic details can help you choose the right one. Here are some important features to...[more]

How to Make a Video CD for Your Still Images

It's possible to make a video CD which contains all of your photographs. This is a great way to produce a slideshow which can be shown to all of your friends and family. Any...[more]

3 Popular Websites for Discounted Mini DV Tapes

Mini DV tapes are available on a number of websites at discounted prices. They can be bought both individually as well as in packs. Most often it pays to purchase them in a pack,...[more]

How a Film Producer Can Use Video to Get a Film Look

Any film producer will need to understand how he can make videos look like films. There's something very popular and attractive about the film look. Film can make the movie look surreal and interesting....[more]

How to Use a Digital Video Recorder DVR to Store Your Camcorder Videos

A digital video recorder DVR is a great way to record and store live videos and streaming media as well. You can record and store parts of your favorite TV show. Alternatively, you can...[more]

How a Video Camera for a Computer Can be Used for Remote TV Interviews

A video camera for a computer has many different uses. These aren't just perfect for web conferencing, but they are also ideal for higher quality uses including remote television interviews. Most computers are connected...[more]

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