How to Use Your Mini DV Camera as a Mini DV Player

Buying a mini DV player makes it very easy to play back mini DV tapes on your television. These devices are, however, quite expensive and there is a much cheaper alternative. It's relatively easy to use a Mini DVD camcorder as a playing device. This means that you will be able to put the tape in the player and start watching tapes.

Step 1: Collect Equipment

The first thing that you will need to do is collect all of the equipment that you will need. You will need the video camera and also the lead which connects it to the television. These camera leads should of been included with your camera, but it should also be possible to buy them on an Internet auction site.

Step 2: Connect the Camera

Now you will need to use the camera leads to connect the camera to your television. This is simply a matter of plugging the leads into your camera and then connecting the other end of the leads to your television.

Step 3: Play the Video

Not put the tape into your DV camcorder and close the door. You can then press the button on the camera to start playing back the video on your TV.