How to Use a Tiny Video Camera for Surveillance

It certainly will pay to learn how to use a tiny video camera for surveillance, as proper usage can help you in a number of ways. Typically, such cameras are well equipped and are sure to have options, such as a SD card and USB connection, as well as a button to start and stop recording. Here are a few steps that you can take in order to use your tiny video camera for surveillance.

Before proceeding further, it is important to identify some basics to help you in buying the right camera. It is important to know exactly why you wish to use these cameras to monitor activities or people. Are these cameras meant to act as a means to curb thefts and/or harassment? Once you have identified your main purpose, you can then make the first moves to use the tiny video camera for surveillance.

Step 1: Choose a Model

Before using such cameras for surveillance purposes, it is important to find a model that suits your needs. You also need to determine the best location for the camera. Before choosing the camera, be sure to factor in lighting levels. If you are planning to monitor something at night, you will need to pick a camera with infrared or night vision capabilities. Size and budget are other important aspects, as are factors such as motion activated controls, recording capabilities and backup power.

Step 2: Choose a Location

Once you have a camera in hand, you must then identify a place where it can be placed. There are many options available including behind potted plants and other unobtrusive objects.

Step 3: Attach Clips 

Your camera will certainly have a tripod clip that can be attached to the small sized video camera which has a small pocket on its side, which is where you will attach the clip. Next, use the mount to which the clip can be attached. There is another mount that can be attached to the camera and one that can be attached to different places including a dashboard or other location. The different mounts will help you place your camera in a suitable location.

Step 4: Use Plastic Pouch

A plastic pouch is provided with the camera. You can place the camera in this rubber pouch which has a belt clip on the back that helps you in strapping the pouch to a belt or webbing. You will also find a wrist strap that can be used to carry the camera on your wrists.

Step 5: Attach to PC

By attaching your camera to your PC, you can make it work like a web cam. The camera can easily be attached to your PC with the help of a USB connection.

Step 6: Set up SD Card

There is a micro SD card that comes with the camera. This is a very handy item and one that can be plugged into a bigger SD card that can be hooked to a large sized video camera.

Step 7: Record Activity

Power on your video camera and point it at whatever you wish to monitor. Press the record button so that the video camera starts recording. If you press the record button a second time, the camera will stop recording.

Once you are done with your surveillance activities, you can then take out the SD card and plug it back into something that can be connected to your computer. After that, you can view the footage that was recorded.