How to Use a Digital Video Recorder DVR to Store Your Camcorder Videos

A digital video recorder DVR is a great way to record and store live videos and streaming media as well. You can record and store parts of your favorite TV show. Alternatively, you can easily store camcorder videos to a digital video recorder.

Step 1: Record Video Footage on Camcorder

Record some video footage on the camcorder and get ready to transfer it to the DVR.

Step 2: Hook It up to Your DVR

You will switch on the digital video recorder DVR and the TV. Use the correct cable connections that come with the digital video recorder to attach the camcorder, and then switch on the camcorder and plug it into a power outlet. Based on the connections and ports available, the connections could be firewire or HDMI. You can always use analog cables though. Avoid using battery power. Insert the required tape and put the camcorder into playback mode.

You will change the input mode on the digital video recorder to match the camcorder input, such as "DV", "L2" or "L1". You can select the input mode from the remote control. Also, change the input selection for the TV accordingly. Perform a small playback to test if the signals are coming through to the TV.

Step 3: Record

You should now be ready to record the video from the camcorder. You will select the recording speed and preferences to match your requirements and then rewind the camcorder all the way back to the beginning. Now start playing the tape while pressing the record button on the digital video recorder by using a remote control. If you intend to record more than a single tape on the digital video recorder, you will need to hit the “pause recording” button on the digital video recorder and then switch the tapes in the camcorder. You will then resume camcorder playback after a full rewind of the tape, and then unpause the recording.

Once all the tapes have been recorded into the digital video recorder, you will hit the stop recording button on the remote control for the digital video recorder.

Important Tips

Always try to use the AC power option while playing a tape through a camcorder. You never know when the battery power might run out. Also, you will make sure that if any analog cables are used, you use the highest quality possible. Analog cables tend to degrade the recording quality. If possible, always use firewire or HDMI connections and steer clear of any analog cables. Also, you will need to make sure you set the correct inputs corresponding to each connection.

Whenever you select a recording speed, try to select the 1 hour or 2 hour recording modes. The much longer four and six hour modes are no use with a camcorder and should only be reserved for long sporting events on the TV.