How to Shoot Videos with a Jazz Video Camera

Shooting videos is made easy with the Jazz video camera. It offers a great deal of features to accommodate your needs. Whichever model you use, it is surely a very inexpensive way of capturing videos and keeping memories.

Step 1: Turn on the Power

The power button is on top of the camera, together with the built-in microphone. Press the power button on and flip the display open.

Step 2: Adjust the Display

To help you monitor what is about to be recorded, adjust the angle of the display according to what is convenient for you. This can be done almost on a 360 degree turn that will allow you to record yourself.

Step 3: Press the Record Button

Once you want to record or create a video, press the record button to start recording; press it again once to pause the recording session.

Step 4: Upload the Videos

The Jazz video camera has a built in USB that lets you save the video files directly onto any computer. Insert the USB to any port and have your picture uploaded as soon as it was shot.

The Jazz video camera is one of the most compact and easy to use video cameras on the market today. It does not only give you instant videos, it can also be done at a very affordable price.