How to Record on Digital Camera Recorders

The process for recording is pretty much universal for all digital camera recorders.

Choose a Recording Format

If you're shooting on a camera that uses tapes, then the first step is putting the tape into the camera and choosing a recording format (SP or LP) from the camera's menu. If you're shooting on tapeless media, then you're recording footage onto the camera's internal hard drive. Choose a recording format for your footage in the camcorder's menu as well. Higher quality video files take up more hard drive space than lower quality ones. However, unless you know it's going to be a very long time before you can dump the footage to a computer, you should shoot in the highest quality possible.

Get the Camera Ready

Once the camera is ready to record, you must open the hood shutter or remove the lens cap so that you can see an image. Adjust the LCD to an angle that you're comfortable looking through. You can now see the image as it is going to be recorded. At this point you should make the necessary focus and exposure adjustments.

Hit the Button

Once the image looks the way you want it, it's time to record.  Hit the "record" button and start shooting away. To end the recording, just hit the record button again.

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