How to Play Back Video Recording on Digital Video Cameras

One of the most fun parts of videography is playing back your video recordings. After all, you should always double check your recordings to make sure they turned out okay before moving on. Plus, there's a great feeling of satisfaction when you see that your hard work is coming out great.

The Procedure

Wither you're shooting on tape or tapeless media, the procedure is generally the same. Your camera should have a switch that controls three modes. Record, Off, and VCR (playback). Switch the camera to VCR; this will turn it on. Please note that some tapeless camcorders have a general "on" switch. This puts the camera in record mode. To access playback, you will need to navigate through the menu. It should be one of the first menu choices.

Working With Tapes

If you're shooting on tape, then you will have to navigate to the portion you want through fast forwarding and rewinding. When you find the spot you want, hit "play" to watch it on the LCD screen. When you're done watching it, make sure you cue the tape to the last recorded second. You don't want to tape over anything you have shot.

Tapeless Media

Tapeless media is a lot easier to navigate. The first frame of every shot is represented by a thumbnail on the menu. Select the one you wish to play. When you're done, all you have to do is switch the camera back to record mode.

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