How to Make a Video CD for Your Still Images

It's possible to make a video CD which contains all of your photographs. This is a great way to produce a slideshow which can be shown to all of your friends and family. Any computer with a CD/DVD burner can be used to create these video CDs, which means they are very cheap and easy to produce. They can then be played back in virtually any DVD player which is compatible with video CDs. Here is how you can make your own video CD slideshow of still photos:

Step 1: Choosing Software

The first thing that you will need to do is choose the software that you want to use to make the Video CD. If you brought a DVD writer recently, then you probably already have suitable software. Many DVD writers were bundled with Nero which includes Nero Vision. There are also plenty of other suitable pieces of software. There are a few different freeware packages available, but these will require more work as they have a less intuitive user interface.

Step 2: Checking Equipment

You will then need to check that you have all the necessary equipment. You just need a computer which is reasonably new. You will also need a CD or DVD writer which can burn the VCD disks. Once you have this, then you can go out and get blank CDs. Don't worry about choosing the right ones because they are all the same. Just choose the best value CD-R discs that you can find.

Step 3: Adding Photos

Once you have installed your chosen software on your computer, you then need to launch it. When it's running, you will normally see an option to create a new project. This will take you to a blank timeline which can be customised in a number of different ways.

When your blank project is set up correctly, you then need to add the content. You can add video and still photos to your VCD easily by clicking the relevant buttons. When you click on one of the buttons, it will pop up with a dialog box asking where the photo or video is located. When you follow the instructions, it will then be added to the timeline.

Step 4: Transitions

When you have added all of your photos, you can then make the VCD look pretty. At the moment there won't be any effects between the different pictures. You can experiment with the different transitions to make the VCD look professional and interesting.

Step 5: Preview

When you have finished adding everything, you should then preview the contents of the disk to make sure that you are happy with everything. If there are any bits that you aren't happy with, then these can be changed during this time.

Step 6: Burning

When you are happy with everything, you can then follow the rest of the instructions to burn the VCD. This might take some time especially if you are including video clips.