How to Get the Most from Your DVD Movie Camera

A DVD movie camera is a type of camcorder which offers the ability to record directly to a DVD. This type of video camera has a number of pluses over other types, but it is not for everybody. There are several features of the DVD movie camera that owners should take advantage of to get the most out of the device. These should be kept in mind when deciding to purchase or use a DVD movie camera.

Recording and Play Options

Users of DVD camcorders have the benefit of recording directly to a DVD. Various examples of DVD media include the DVD-R, DVR+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and mini discs known as DVD-RAM. Compared to other media options, discs are cheaper to purchase. These discs can be played on most of the newer models of DVD players. Because the video or footage is directly burned onto the disc, consumers can immediately see the results after shooting the video. For older DVD players, the camcorder can be used to control the playback by connecting the audio and video ports of both devices by means of wires.

Disadvantages of a DVD Camcorder

With DVD R discs, the main disadvantage is that these can only be recorded on once. There is also the possibility of using a bad disc. In such cases, whatever video is recorded on the faulty disc is gone forever. Certain devices only play specific types of DVDs. This makes it important to make sure that both the DVD movie camera and the player are both capable of playing the same type of disc. Otherwise, consumers will have to copy and transfer the DVD data recorded by the video onto a different disc that can be recognized by the DVD player. The quality of video recorded on DVDs is also considered of poorer quality than those captured on tapes or using the video camera’s hard drive.

For consumers that want to perform some video editing, a DVD is great for sharing and distribution, but is not a great format to use straight from the video camera. Additional computer software is needed to transfer and convert the DVD video files into digital video files fit for editing or web upload. Consumers will also find some difficulty in editing footage taken from DVDs (not as precise compared to that taken from the mini-DV format).

Making the Most out of the DVD Movie Camera

Camcorders that have built in hard drives or accept flash memory cards are more stable as these can be reused several thousand times. Opt for a camcorder which has an alternative recording format. Record the moment on a flash drive or a memory card instead and then copy the data onto the DVD for easier video distribution. For consumers that intend to purchase or own a video camera that is only capable of recording on DVDs, use a rewriteable DVD. These types of discs can be used several times over. Consumers will be able to test the disc prior to using it on the video camera, reducing the chances of recording on a bad or faulty disc.