How to Flip Video in Most Video Editing Software

Learning how to flip video files from a camcorder or from a another recording device may not always be easy. This is why it is always best to run the files through software that allows you to flip video, and also allows for customization and editing of different components in the same interface.

Step 1: Upload the Files

Upload the files onto your computer to prepare them for the video editor. Import the files from your recording device and load them for editing.

Step 2: Adjust the Angles

There are different angles and ways you can flip a video. You may rotate the video by different degrees in 90 or 180. There are usually up and down buttons that allow you to increase or decrease the value of the angles.

Step 3: Flip Files

Flipping the videos horizontally or vertically can also be applied. There are buttons that have arrows indicating the direction the video is to be flipped. Options to combine different angles and directions are available. An example is an upside down flip with a 5 degree change to the left.

In the event that the whole video needs to have different flipping angles, some software systems provide a file separator, while others require you to do it manually.

Step 4: Convert and Share

Have the files converted to be shared in different media formats. They can also be burned onto discs and uploaded online for more people to see.