How to Find the Right Digital Camcorder for Your Needs

A digital camcorder is a great thing to own because it can help you spread ideas to others, and it can also preserve moments that would otherwise be lost to time. With so many different camcorders out there that are available to purchase, it can sometimes be hard choosing the one that is right for your needs. Here is a guide to help you make that decision.

Work vs Pleasure

Camcorders can be classified into three categories: consumer, prosumer and professional. These cameras all vary in price with consumer at the bottom of the price scale and professional on the top. Which kind of camera you get will depend on how you will use it. If you're getting a camera to use for your business, then you should look into getting a prosumer one. If you're looking to get a camcorder to record your kids growing up, then you should get a consumer one.

Technical Skills

Another factor that goes into finding the right camcorder for your needs is your technical skills. If you're looking for a camera just for making home movies and haven't had any video or photography experience, then you want to have a camera that performs a lot of it's functions automatically so you can just pick it up and shoot.

If you're a student in film school or just want to try to make your own movies as a hobby, then you should look for a prosumer camcorder. These cameras allow you to have manual control over many of the functions and will not break the bank. Plus they are also great for small businesses that are creating video to be broadcasted over the Internet as well. On a small screen, these videos will have a high amount of quality.

You really don't want to buy a professional camcorder unless you have a busy video production company. These cameras are very expensive, and in most cases, it is more affordable just to rent one for the few days that you need it.

Internal Hard Drive vs Memory Cards

Most video camcorders record the video onto tapeless media which is either an internal hard drive or memory cards. The only real difference between the systems is that with an internal hard drive, you are able to store more video before it needs to be transferred onto a computer. 

Handling Accessories

Not all camcorders are created equal. Some have the ability to handle accessories while others can not. If you want to create some videos for other people to enjoy, then you should look for one that has a microphone input jack. This way you have the option to add a microphone to the camera that can capture better audio. You also want to have a camera that has a head phones jack so you can hear what you're recording as well. Some cameras have an accessory shoe, which allows you to add stuff like lights to the camera. which can be powered by it's battery.