How to Determine If You Need an External Video Recorder for Post-Production

The best way to determine if you need an external video recorder for post-production is by checking the audio reproduction that you have captured with an audio mixing board plugged into your camera. Chances are that the quality of sound reproduced will be very bad. Examples of this poor quality can be seen when you watch performances that are self made and posted as videos on YouTube.

Poor Balance

Poor audio balance and distortions in audio tracks are reasons why it is necessary to make use of an external video recorder for your post production work.

On Board Microphone

When you check the sound obtained from the on board mike on your camera, you will find that the audio produced will be of poor quality. In the case of music that was recorded by an on board mike, you will find that the quality just does not match up. This is why it pays to use an external video recorder.

Separate Audio Mix

It certainly pays to make a separate live audio mix on an external video recorder, as this will make it easy to match the video/audio recordings in post production. The end result is that the external video recorder will ensure clean and accurate sound production.