How to Create Online Videos with Video Maker

Video Maker software is essential to prepare videos (amateur or professional) for online viewing of sites like Youtube, Metacafe, Revver or Viddler. These days almost any device (video recorder, video camera or cell phone) can capture videos that can be later edited for online viewing. There are almost endless possibilities for editing such videos.

The following is a quick introduction to creating online videos with Video Maker.

Step 1: Capture Footage

First of all, you will need to capture some video footage to be put online for viewing. You can do this using a video recorder, camcorder or by setting up a desktop or laptop camera. The choice of hardware and video capturing software will depend on the kind of video you plan to put up. Alternatively, you may capture the footage using a mobile device. Ideally, use a high quality camcorder to tape your videos. You will then need to import the video to the hard disk of your computer using a USB, HDMI or fire wire connection.

Step 2: Open Software

You will then fire up the video maker software and import the video file into the software suite by simply dragging the video clips into the program window. You can also do this by going to the file menu and clicking on "Import".

Step 3: Specify Video Format Requirements

You will then drag the thumbnails of the video files or any image files to the beginning of the time line and specify the video format requirements on the resulting dialog box.

Step 4: Add Music

You can also add some music by importing a music file and then dragging it to your project timeline. You will now setup the video as you deem fit and publish it once you are happy with the preview. The video is now ready to be uploaded to any online video sharing site.