How to Clean Your Camcorder Lens

A dirty camcorder lens will ruin your shot and compromise your video work. If your lens becomes dirty you should clean it immediately. However, you need to be extremely careful because lenses are very fragile. If you clean it the wrong way you could permanently damage it. So what's the right way to clean your camcorder lens?

Use Compressed Air

If there is a piece of dust or dirt on your lens it is going to appear in every shot you take. You may be tempted to brush it off but you should avoid doing that because there is a high risk the lens could get scratched. Instead you want to have compressed air to blow away these little annoying pieces. You can buy compressed air in a can or you can get a hand operated blower which looks like a mini turkey baster. Most of the time a little air is all you need to clean the lens.

Lens Cleaners

Sometimes a fingerprint accidentally gets on the lens and needs to be immediately removed. But camera lenses are different than regular glass. You can't clean them with Windex and paper towels. In fact, that would make the dirty lens even worse and could permanently damage it.

Instead you need to go to your local professional camera store and purchase lens cleaners. These are special clothes and cleaning solutions that you use to clean the lenses and have them streak free. In fact, even if your lenses are not dirty right now they're still a good thing to have on hand. Your lenses will eventually get dirty and if you have the cleaners then you can clean them instantly.


Sometimes there will be a very stubborn piece of dirt that does not want to come off. You're going to need to buy special brushes to take care of that. You can find these in the same store you bought your lens cleaners at. These brushes are specially designed to remove the dirt without scratching the lens. 

Just because the brush is designed not to damage the lens does not mean it's impossible. You need to brush the dirt off gently otherwise the brush with scratch and damage your equipment.

The reason you're buying the proper cleaners is because you don't want to damage the equipment you've invested money in. Talk to the the clerks at the store about how to clean the lenses and follow the instructions down to a "T." Using the cleaners properly will keep your stuff lasting longer.

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