How to Choose Additional Lenses for Your New Digital Camcorder

If you are looking to find out how to choose additional lenses for your new digital camcorder, you will find that the options available to you are not as many as are available for digital cameras. In fact, there are just 2 types of lenses that you can add to your new digital camcorder: tele-extender and wide angle lenses. The reason why there are so few options available when it comes to attaching additional lenses to a new digital camcorder is because you need to screw the additional lenses to the camcorder in much the same way as you would cap a soda or water bottle. This is what limits your options.

There are different reasons why you will want to attach an additional lens to your new digital camcorder. If you plan on sitting at the back of an auditorium and wish to capture what is happening on stage, you will need an additional lens to help you do that. In such cases, a wide angle lens is the best option.

Wide Angle Lens

Wide angle lenses are a perfect solution when you find yourself in a situation in which it is not possible to capture your subject completely. If you also cannot move back to fit in the complete object into your shot, you will want a lens that helps in widening the shot. This is where the wide angle lens comes in very handy.

Before picking a wide angle lens, it is important that you test drive them to ensure that they do not produce distorted pictures. Also, remember that when using a traditional style wide angle lens that you do not use the zoom feature whilst recording. Zooming can only be used if the wide angle lens comes with a marking such as “zoom through” on it.


Tele-extender lenses are a great option for those who wish to make the object come a lot closer than it actually is. A 3 x tele-extender lens will help in bringing the object thrice as close as normal. This kind of lens is different to zoom lenses which help to provide extra distance. The tele-extender lens, on the other hand, makes it seem like your camcorder is bang next to the object.

The tele-extender lens has to be screwed onto the camcorder at its front. This can create difficulties in so far as processing light goes and that in turn can cause the video image to come out much too dark. Therefore, it is best to use such lenses in situations where the lighting is very bright such as at a soccer game. They should not be used for shooting in dim lighting such as at indoor performances.


Price is an important issue when choosing additional lenses for your digital camera. Typically, these lenses are available at prices that start at about 60 odd dollars and which can go up to 200 dollars or more. Be sure to look for brand name lenses including names such as Canon which sells a good variety of wide angle lenses at very reasonable prices.