How to Charge a Battery Pack on Your Digital Video Camera

One of the most basic things that every videographer should know is how to change a battery. It is a simple and quick process that is, for the most part, universal amongst all digital camcorders.

Have a Spare

The first step to changing a camcorder battery is to have a second, fully charged one on hand. You will most likely need to buy another battery, because most cameras and camcorders only come with one when you buy them brand new. You should also invest in a wall charger if the camcorder did not come with one.

When to Change

To preserve the life of the batter, you should try to change it when it is almost completely used up. Charging it when it's half full will only wear down the battery's long term life.

How to Change It

Once the battery is low it is time to change it. The first thing you should do is turn the power off. Next, near the battery should be a simple battery release button. Press it down and slide the battery away from the camera. It should now be free. Take the new battery and place it where the old one was. You will slide it into place. You will know that the battery is secured when you hear it click. Now you can turn the camera back on to continue shooting. 

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