How to Change the Camcorder Digital Photo Dimensions

The guidelines below will teach you how to change the camcorder digital photo dimensions. Many people do not realize that their digital camcorders are also able to take still digital photographs. In order to be guaranteed quality photos every time you take a shot, you must understand what digital photographs are made of and how changing the dimensions can affect the resolution of your digital photos.


Digital photos are made up of small elements, called pixels. Basically, the more pixels that you have in your digital photos, the more clear and detailed your photographs will be. When looking through the owners manual for your digital camcorder, you will probably see the value "ppi," or pixels per inch. That is how pixels are measured. Companies often advertise that their digital cameras are capable of taking high resolution images. That means that the camera can take photographs that have high pixel settings.


When you change the dimensions of a digital photograph, you are also changing the pixels per inch settings. If you enlarge the photo dimensions, that photo may look blurred because there will be less pixels in the photograph. If you plan on increasing the dimensions of your photos during or after the shoot, you should set the pixels per inch settings to the highest possible rate allowed by your digital camera.

Step 1 - The Menu Button

To begin changing the dimensions of your digital photos on your digital camcorder, you will need to locate the menu button. The menu button is typically located near the red record button. Every digital camcorder is different, so refer to your owners manual if you are having difficulties locating the menu button. Once you have located the menu button, press it.

Step 2 - Photo Options

Once you are in the menu, you will need to scroll through it to locate the photo options. There should be an up / down button located directly near the menu button. If you are unable to scroll through the menu, refer to your owners manual for further instructions. Being that the menu is different on every digital camcorder, your menu may not specifically say photo options, but you should see wording similar to that.

Step 3 - Changing the Dimension and Resolution

Once you have accessed the photo options sub menu, you will be able to view the dimensions and resolutions of your digital still photographs. To change the dimension of your digital still photographs, you will need to click on the dimension menu by pressing the OK key. Once you have pressed the OK key, various dimensions will be displayed. You can click on each dimension to see which dimension suits your needs. Remember to keep in mind that the higher you increase the dimensions of your photographs, the higher you will have to increase the resolution of your photographs. If you have a high dimension with a low resolution, your pictures will be very blurry or grainy. Once you have obtained the settings that you want, you can exit the menu and continue shooting pictures.

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