How To Buy a Camcorder: 5 Must Have Features

When learning how to buy a camcorder, you will need to understand which features are required. There are many different camera features that you can choose from. By choosing these carefully, it is possible to choose a perfect camera that you will be happy with. These must-have features will make it much easier to use your camera to create high quality videos.

1. LCD Screen

Almost all camcorders will have an LCD screen. This is a very useful feature because it makes it possible to easily see where the camera is pointing. It is also important to ensure that you will be able to see the screen in all weather conditions, including being able to see the screen in direct sunlight.

2. External Microphone Jack

Most compact cameras will have a built in microphone. However, it's very useful to choose a camcorder which has an external microphone jack. This makes it very easy connect additional microphones.

3. Headphone Jack

A headphone jack is essential to allow you to listen to audio without disturbing the recording.

4. Image Stabilization

Many of these video cameras will feature an image stabilizer feature. This is essential, as it makes it much easier to record videos which aren't jerky.

5. Size

Choose a camcorder which is the right size for you. It's important that it's large enough to hold comfortably, but not too large so that it makes it difficult to take with you.