How the Panasonic 4/3" Video Camcorder will Change the Industry

Panasonic has announced the release of the first micro 4/3-inch Panasonic video camcorder which optimizes video recording. It is scheduled for release by the end of 2010 and will set a new standard for digital film making.

Target Market

The Panasonic AG-AF100’s main target is the film and production community, giving members more flexibility and power at their disposal. The AF100’s interchangeable lenses, filters and adapters offer more room for creativity in taking videos, while maintaining the highest quality of digital media.


The micro 4/3 inch sensor’s design allows depth of field and field of view like 35mm cameras, but it is housed in a much cheaper shell. This means more affordability, while it retains the maximum potential and range of the recorder. The lens mount is also interchangeable; you can use low-cost lenses still readily available and high-end lenses used for film.

Value for Money

With the powerful specifications of the Panasonic video camcorder AF100, it clearly dominates any camcorder in its price range. It is now made affordable to non-professionals and organizations, such as schools and small private studios. Although it is relatively cheap, it packs a lot of punch since it has an advanced codec which is compatible with many affordable players and editing hardware.

SDXC Media Cards

This camera is the first ever to utilize the SDXC media card to complement the usual SDHC card support. SDXC is the newest in the SD card class which is capable of supporting memory from 32GB, well up to 2TB. This Panasonic video camcorder can therefore record up to 12 hours of continuous video on 2 SDXC cards.