Guide to Choosing Professional Camcorders for Indie Films

There are a lot of professional camcorders out there to choose from for shooting your indie movie. The one you choose is ultimately up to your personal tastes, needs and budget. However, there are general requirements you want your camera to meet, and here is a guide to help you find the right one.


Your camera's resolution should at the minimum be true HD. Because digital video has made it easier for people to make their own movies, the competition has gotten very stiff and HD is the new standard. If you're not shooting HD, then you won't be able to compete with all the other movies searching for an audience.

Interchangeable Lenses

You don't want to be working with a camera that has a fixed zoom lens if you can avoid it. You ideally want a camera that has the the ability to handle interchangeable lenses because the lens you use, combined with your aperture setting, affects your depth of field which in turn affects your image quality. An indie film shot with a camera that employs interchangeable lenses is going to have higher production values than one that uses a fixed lens. 

Another reason to use a camera with interchangeable lenses is that sometimes you might find yourself shooting in a very tight area and the only thing that can save the shot is a 10mm wide lens.