Getting the Most Out of Your HDR Camcorder

A HDR Camcorder is a range of video cameras produced by Sony. All of these have hard drives, which means that there is no need to worry about tapes or memory cards filling up or becoming damaged. The huge size of hard drives makes it possible to store large amounts of data on them.

If you have a hard drive video camera, then there are a few things that you can do to make the most out of it. Learning how to master your camera will make it much easier to use it to record high quality videos.

Using the Manual Controls

All HDR camcorders feature manual controls which should be used wherever possible. These manual controls give you much more control over your camcorder. They allow you to manually adjust the focus and white balance settings.

Using Firewire

Most HDR Camcorders have both USB and firewire ports on them. These are both used to transfer files to the computer. If you are using a hard drive camcorder, then you will need to transfer very large files from the camera to your computer. To speed this up, try to use Firewire where possible. A firewire port can easily be added to your computer by placing a small expansion card inside.

Firewire has faster transfer speeds, which should make it much easier to transfer the files.

Using an External Hard drive

There will come a time when your computers harddrive is full up with videos. Buy an external hard drive to store these videos on. An external hard drive is also very useful for backups, just in case anything happens to your computer.