Features and Benefits: 3D JVC Camera

The 3D JVC camera is one of the first cameras to perform motion and depth sensing together. The camera not only captures the standard 2D videos, but also perceives the pixel depth for each pixel of the resulting image. There are a number of features and benefits associated with this camera. Here are a few.


  • The 3D JVC camera can achieve keying without the need for a colored background.
  • It can perform in all kinds of lighting conditions.
  • The integration of the third dimension is carried out in real time.
  • It can work with most of the current crop of ENG cameras.


The 3D JVC camera uses a Zbuffer that is used in real-time. It can also be used in conjunction with a standard 2D video at a later point of time. This is especially useful for covering grand and important events like an NBA Playoff or a presidential election. It can give you a massive competitive advantage by enhancing the live coverage and minimizing the need for post-production processes.