Feature Comparison: Mini Video Camera vs. Pocket Camcorder

If you are looking to buy a new video camera, it is important to compare the features of a mini video camera and a pocket camcorder to make an informed decision. Here is some information on both of these cameras:

Mini Video Camera

For a small sized camera, the mini video camera offers high-resolution RAW video quality. The cameras are also compatible with any computer, Mac or Windows, and professional post production equipment.

Not everything can work perfectly on a device this small, so you will find that the sound quality is not that great, owing to the non-unidirectional mike that catches a lot of ambient sound.

Pocket Camcorder

Dubbed as the 'budget cam,' camcorders are simple gadgets that fit into your pocket while being easy on your budget. You will not get the best picture quality from these, but they do capture watchable quality videos. You can also upload videos to various websites and video-streaming sites with ease. The pocket device is easy to use and the point and shoot feature makes it easy to create a quick video on-the-go (not much technical know-how is required).

Even with devices that offer HD quality video, you will find that the video quality is not great. These also stand the chance of being taken off the market very soon, as the newer versions of smart phones, like the iPhone 4 and Samsung Omnia 2, offer much better quality video (with some even shooting at HD resolutions).