Explaining Flash Camcorders

There are many different types of video cameras available, including flash camcorders. Although flash technology might be newer than tapes, they are fairly affordable. There are many different types of camcorders which are available with flash memory. These include camcorders with internal memory and those which use removable memory cards.

The most common type of camcorder uses Mini DV tape. These are a type of digital camcorder which uses a tape. While tapes are fairly convenient to use, they aren't perfect. Tapes can quite easily stretch and become distorted. This will affect the quality of any recordings. Flash memory, on the other hand, lasts for much longer and can also be read easily by your computer.

What is a Flash Camcorder?

A flash camcorder is any camcorder which records the footage onto flash memory. Cheaper flash camcorders use only internal memory. These are generally cheap to produce, but the memory might not be enough for anything useful. The better types of flash memory camcorder use removable memory cards. The most common type of memory card used for video cameras are SD Cards. SD Memory cards are small storage cards which are around the same size as a postage stamp. They are used in many digital cameras and have just started to being used for video cameras.

These cameras are of a much smaller and lighter weight because the memory cards do not have any moving parts. They work like USB flash memory, and this also means that they last longer than DVDs or tapes.

Downloading Videos

One of the main advantages of flash camcorders is that it's very simple to download the videos to your computer. The camera can either be connected to your computer using the supplied USB cable, or alternatively it is possible to remove the card and put it directly into your computer. Most new computers have memory card readers built in, which makes it really simple to access all of the videos quickly.

The videos recorded by the camera are normally already in MPG format and this means that you don't need to convert them first. It's one of the easiest and quickest ways to get videos onto your computer, where they can be uploaded or edited.


If you are buying a flash camcorder, then you should give some thought to the formats available. It's not really a good idea to choose a camcorder which has only internal memory, because this cannot be expanded. The easiest types of camcorder to choose are those which use SD cards. This is because the cards are very easy to buy. Some Sony cameras use Memorysticks instead.

Flash memory cards are becoming much cheaper, and this is making flash camcorders much more useful. There are many different cameras which use flash memory available from many different brands.

High Definition

High Definition video cameras make it possible to record in more detail. An HD video will be much larger in size than a standard definition video. There are some HD Flash camcorders, however, you will need to use much larger memory cards to make it possible.