DV Video Cameras: 3 Tips for Choosing between DV and Flash Cards

When you are comparing DV video cameras, you will find that there are two main types. These are camcorders which record on DV tapes and flash memory cards. There are lots of different reasons why you might like to choose one format over the other. By thinking about these in advance, it should be much easier to choose the perfect camera for you.

1. Ease of Editing

To edit video stored on a DV tape, you will first need to connect the camera to your computer. This is quite fiddly and time consuming as the video will need to be copied across. An easier option is to use a flash card camcorder. These store on fairly standard SD or compact flash memory cards. This makes it very easy to transfer the files onto your computer. It's simply a matter of putting the card into your computer and then opening the video files up. This also makes it very easy to put the videos back on the same card once you have finished.

2. Capacity

The main problem with memory card camcorders is that they have a fairly small capacity. Large memory cards can be used, but these are still very expensive.

3. Reliability

Both DV tapes and memory cards have reliability problems. While memory cards cannot stretch like tapes can, they do have a limited number of writes before they will break. Typically though, a memory card should last over a million writes before it packs up. This makes them more reliable than a DV tape camcorder.