Disc Format Guide for JVC DVD Camcorders

JVC DVD camcorders have been popular amongst gadget freaks and casual home users due to their exceptional quality and good support. These camcorders offer a couple of disc format options that may be a bit confusing to the casual user. The following is a guide to the Disc formats for JVC DVD camcorders.

Mini DVD

The camcorders based on Mini DVDs can directly burn to the standard Mini DVD, and you can simply take it out after shooting and use it directly with any DVD player at home for playback. All of the camcorders based on Mini DVD are pretty reasonably priced. These formats have the advantage of avoiding the need to rewind or fast forward. The only downside is that the videos for this format are heavily compressed and editing them can give most video editing programs a hard time.


Camcorders that are based on AVCHD can easily record stunning high definition video to either DVD, flash memory or directly to your hard drive. The picture quality produced is second to none. The downsides to this format are that the equipment is much more expensive and not many video editing suites can edit AVCHD. Currently, only the professional and expensive suites have the ability to edit these videos.