Disadvantages of Cheap Digital Video Cameras

It may seem tempting to buy cheap digital video cameras, however, there are a few reasons why you shouldn't. Some cheap cameras are good value for money, while others are poor imitations of much better cameras.


Brand name cameras are made to a very high quality. These are made using the best quality materials, which should ensure they will last for as long as possible. Cheaper cameras are normally made with poor quality plastics and components. This means that they will not be as durable.


Most cheap video cameras record in a very low resolution. This is because the sensors for low resolution videos are much cheaper. The problem with this is that the image will have a much poorer quality. Anyone capturing videos will want them in the best quality they can find. Many brand name cameras capture in high definition and aren't actually that much more expensive than the cheap models.

Ease of Use

The large brand names invest a considerable amount of time and money developing friendly menus and user interfaces. However, the cheap brands will not have this. This means that the cheaper cameras are often much harder to use. Putting the camera into different modes will normally be a long winded process which can be confusing.