Digital Camcorder Comparison: Popular Features for Indie Movie Productions

If you're planning to shoot an indie movie, then you might find a digital camcorder comparison of some popular features that filmmakers enjoy to be very helpful. After all, the camcorder is your most important tool because it will have the biggest influence on how your final product is going to look. 

High Resolution

If you're going to shoot an indie, then you should at least be shooting it with an HD camera. After all, they're so readily available and the rest of the competition is doing it. Plus, in addition to a high quality image, there is another reason why shooting HD is a great idea; you can crop part of your frame without losing quality. If there was something you don't like, you can crop it out. Or, if you feel a cut to a close up from a medium shot is necessary after the shoot, then you can achieve this too.

Low Lighting Conditions

One reason that the Canon 5D is so popular with independent filmmakers (aside from it's price) is that it can perform well under low light conditions. This means that you can rent a smaller lighting package and hire a smaller lighting crew, which saves you money.