Digital Camcorder Basics: 3 Tips for Buying a Camcorder

If you're trying to buy a new digital camcorder or camcorder, you will need to bear a few different features in mind. By thinking about the features available on the camcorder you are buying, it will be much easier to choose a model which is suitable for you. Camcorders are still very expensive, which is why it's essential that you choose one that you will be happy with.

1. Resolution

When choosing a digital video camera, you will be able to choose between standard and high definition models. Standard Definition should be cheaper in most cases. High definition will record the videos in much more detail which can be enjoyed on a LCD or Plasma HD TV. However, HD does have it's disadvantages because it's difficult to edit without a very modern computer.

2. Format

There are many different formats of camcorder available. There are camcorders which record onto DV tapes, mini DVDs, hard drives and memory cards. These all have different benefits and drawbacks. SD cards are cheap and easy to change, however, they still only have a fairly small storage space available.

3. LCD Screen

Almost all digital camcorders have a LCD viewfinder. Make sure that this can be rotated, as this will make it very easy to film yourself.