Critical Features to Consider When Buying a Pro Video Camera

The decision to buy a pro video camera is an important one and there are certain features you should look for when buying a video camera for professional applications.

High Definition (HD) or Standard Definition (SD)

HD is the new standard for video, so a high definition video camera is essential. Most HD video cameras are also capable of SD filming, so it’s possible to get the best of both worlds with one camera.

Manual Focus vs Auto Focus

The need for manual focus doesn’t need to be overlooked. With auto focus, there’s a tendency for focus to shift to different elements in the scene. Manual focus allows you to focus on the main subject and then lock it in place.

Exposure: Auto or Manual

Manual control of the iris lets you control the aperture of the lens, providing total control of exposure without worrying about the camera’s sensor being thrown off by a light or dark background.

CCD, the Numbers Game

Different cameras have a different number of CCD chips, but a three-chip camera is best for professional quality because it’s able to capture the colors of red, green and blue separately, resulting in a crisp picture and greater color saturation.

Choosing the right features in your pro video camera will ensure that you have the right tools to do a professional job.