Compare DVD Camcorders: JVC vs Sony vs Panasonic

If you want to compare DVD camcorders, then it will certainly pay to compare JVC vs Sony vs Panasonic. These are, after all, the top names in the camcorder business and so a comparison of their main features will help you in making the right choice. Before you even start to compare DVD camcorders, it is important to look at certain features including camera type, dimensions, memory/storage, sensor, lens, display, viewfinder, photo mode, as well as price.

JVC vs Sony

The JVC camcorder and the Sony camcorder models both use digital camerasl the JVC camcorder weighs about 550grams the Sony only weighs about 390 grams. Both have identical sensor types and sensor resolution as well as display size. The JVC camcorder does not have digital photo mode whereas the Sony does.

JVC vs Panasonic

When comparing JVC DVD camcorders with Panasonic DVD camcorders, the first thing that may strike you is that Panasonic offers more professional grade camcorders that are not all that easy to use. However, Panasonic uses 3 sensors that ensure better video quality and each chip can record in different colors. The JVC camcorder also has 3 image sensors and is a favorite among many DVD camcorder users. It is also better looking than the Sony DVD camcorders. It is very handy and priced very attractively.

If you are looking for a camcorder that offers easy shooting, then Panasonic offers the best deal. Panasonic also beats its competitors because its camcorders do not have any moving parts and so they're a more reliable product.