Checking Remaining Battery Information on Digital Video Cameras Explained

The battery information on your camera will tell you how much power is left inside the batteries. This information will be displayed on your LCD panel, but it might not always be visible. It's a good idea to keep an eye on how much power you have left so you can record everything you want to.

Step 1 - Turning the Video Camera on

The first thing to do is turn your digital video camera on and open up the screen. If the camera won't turn on at all then it's probably already completely flat and the battery will need to be charged first.

Step 2 - Waiting

To get an accurate estimate of how much power is left in the battery, you must wait. Most video cameras will display full power for the first second or so, even if the battery is virtually empty. Wait a second or so before checking the information.

Step 3 - Displaying the Battery Information

Normally the battery information will be displayed on the screen right away. If not, you will need to press display for battery info to be displayed. Pressing the display button on your camcorder will cycle through a number of different modes. One of these options will be to have the battery status displayed.

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