Canon Legria FS200: How Flash Memory Makes Shooting and Editing Much Easier

The Canon Legria FS200 camcorder records all the footage directly onto SD memory cards. There are a number of reasons why this is easier to use than DV tapes and even mini DVD camcorders. By understanding these benefits, you will be able to decide which type of camcorder will suit you the best.

Easy to Read

One of the most noticeable improvements offered by flash memory is that it is easy to read in computers. The card is standard and this means that it can be put into any compatible computer. There are also plenty of adapters available. Some DVD players and televisions have space for memory cards, and this makes it even easier to look at your footage.


Unlike DV tapes, flash memory does not stretch. This means that the medium should be much more reliable for capturing footage very quickly.

Easy to Buy

If you run out of space on a DV tape or even a mini DVD, then it will be difficult to find a replacement. However, as SD and SDHC cards are used in virtually all cameras, finding a new one will be very easy. These can be brought from many different types of shops fairly cheaply.

The high capacity cards are the best because these will have plenty of space for video recordings.