Canon Legria: Available Recording Formats

The Canon Legria camcorder has excellent features and will provide outstanding image quality. It also offers good value for money. There are a range of models available that offer a number of recording formats, including Flash Memory recording. These camcorders allow you to make use of the HDV recording format. Here is a look at the different recording formats.

HDV/DV format

With your Canon Legria camcorder, it is easy to record in DV/HDV formats. You can use the highly convenient MiniDV cassette tapes on which to record your images.


In addition, these camcorders can also record in widescreen. The end result is that you will get to enjoy a complete cinematic experience.

HDV 1080i

You can also make use of the HDV 1080i recording format. This camcorder also employs the exact same MPEG2 compression methods as are often used in digital broadcasting.

Flash Memory

The Canon Legria Flash Memory camcorder is ideally suited for those who want to shoot on the go. This particular camcorder model can record directly to a memory card and this will prove to be very useful if you wish to share pictures and images with your friends. You can easily make a movie, especially because you can make use of features such as Pre REC, Video Snapshot and Dual Shot mode.