Camcorder Controls: Understanding Color Temperature

The color temperature of your camcorder can affect the look of your video. By learning how to adjust the color temperature, you can make your video look completely different. This makes it possible to make people believe that your video is filmed in a different season or different conditions. Color temperature settings can also be used to correct and improve the colors in your video.

Although the white balance will also affect the look of colors in a video, it's still important to understand the color temperature controls. These will allow you much more control over your video, and it should also make the colors look much more natural. The color temperature can also be used to change the way that a video looks.

Step 1: Reading the Manual

Every camcorder works differently and so you will need to read the instruction manual to find out exactly how to adjust the color temperature. This is a worthwhile setting to know because it can completely change the look of your video. When filming on an overcast day, for example, a few tweaks can make it look very sunny.

If you misplaced your manual, then you will normally be able to find a copy of it on the Internet which can be downloaded. Read through the manual and concentrate on any sections about color temperature or white balance.

Step 2: Presets

Almost every camcorder will have a number of different color temperature presets. These make it very easy to change the look of your video without adjusting any advanced temperatures. These presets will normally differ depending on the make and model of your camera. There will typically be a list of them somewhere in the instruction manual.

Common presets include Tungsten, which has a picture of a light bulb. This makes the video look cooler as it adds blue to the image. Fluorescent normally looks like a fluorescent light bulb and should try to replicate daylight conditions.

Shade can be used to make your image look much warmer. This is ideal if you are filming on an overcast day and want to make it look much brighter. This will warm up your videos.

Step 3: Adjustments

Somewhere in the options, there will also be the ability to adjust the color temperature manually. This means that you can set the color temperature of the video in Kelvins. This is very easy to do, and it's simply a matter of adjusting a slider to vary the temperature.

Step 4: Experimenting

As with every setting on your camera, it will require some experimentation to get right. Until you actually practice using it, you won't be able to use it to improve your videos. By mastering the color temperature controls on your digital camcorder, it should be possible to create professional looking videos very easily. It is also possible to adjust the color temperature of videos once you have finished recording them. To do this, you will need a video editing package and a fast computer. Applying filters can easily change the temperature of a video.

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