Camcorder Controls: How To Use Manual White Balance

Mastering the Manual White Balance controls of your digital camera will make it much easier to create professional looking videos. The white balance setting controls the balance of colors and will affect how your camera records different colors. The settings can be used to adjust the primary colors to make sure that one isn't too strong.

White balancing your camcorder is important whenever you change the lighting of what you are recording. If you are filming outdoors and then film inside a building then your camera will need to adjust the white balance. The white balance is normally handled automatically but manual settings can also be used.

Step 1: Reading the Manual

The first thing that you should do is read the manual for your camcorder. Every camera works differently and has different settings to adjust the white balance. Most modern cameras feature an automatic white balance setting although not all do. This will automatically adjust the white balance of your camera when needed to ensure that the colors always stay correct.

Sometimes though you might find it much easier if you use manual white balance modes. This will make it possible to adjust the color balances yourself.

Step 2: White Balance Button

The white balance button will be adjusted using a button on your camera. It might also be in the settings menu of some video cameras. You should be able to work out how to use this by reading the manual. Once you have found the white balance button the manual will also be able to tell you how to use it.

Step 3: White Background

To set up the white balance of your video camera you will need a white background to film. The easiest option is to buy professional test cards which can be used to check the white balance as you are filming. Of course you don't actually need these as a simple piece of plain paper will also do the job. Failing this you can use anything like a white wall.

Step 4: White Balancing

Now press the white balance button on your camcorder. Normally you will need to hold this down for around 5 seconds although this will vary depending on the model of camera you have. The camcorder will then adjust the white balance to the correct colors. You can also usually tweak the individual sliders to adjust the white balance yourself.

Step 5: Readjusting White Balance

Every time you change the lighting conditions of whatever it is you are filming you should repeat the whole procedure again. This will always ensure that the colors are perfect and high quality. A color test chart is also a useful piece of equipment as this makes it possible to check that the colors produced are true.

White balance is a useful setting that many people fail to realize the importance of. You must spend time learning to use this feature so that you can make the most out of your camcorder and improve the quality of your videos.

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