Benefits of Using Flash Memory for Video Cameras

Flash video cameras are relatively new. Instead of recording onto a DVD disc, hard drive or tape, these record directly onto flash memory cards. These cameras use the same memory cards which are used in other digital cameras. There are actually a number of advantages for anyone considering buying a video camera which uses flash memory.

Easy to Edit

Flash memory cards are very easy to edit because they are so common. Many computers already have card readers built into them. This means that you can easily take the card out of your video camera and place it into your computer. There's no need to worry about carrying a USB lead around with you because you don't actually need one. The videos are stored in digital files, which makes them easy to copy without needing to first play back and re-record the whole video.

Easy to Replace

Another major advantage is that you can buy SD and other memory cards from many different types of shops. Should you ever need one, then it will be much easier to find a memory card to buy than a replacement DV tape.


Memory cards are very durable and long lasting. These have no moving parts and are built into a rugged case. Tapes can be stretched, and DVDs can be scratched.