Battery Use and Recording in HDV Format Explained

When shooting in the HDV format, you might be concerned with how your style of working will affect your camera battery's life. The biggest factor in determining battery life is your image sensor. Older camcorders use a CCD sensor to turn your image into digital signals, while newer cameras employ a CMOS sensor.

If you're making the transition from an older camcorder to a newer one, you might notice that the estimated time on the battery is longer than what you're used to. It's not because battery technology has improved, it's because image sensor technology has become more power efficient thanks to CMOS sensors.

You're shooting habits also determine how long your battery will last before it needs to be recharged. If you leave the camera on when nothing is happening, then of course the battery will run out quickly. But if you're constantly turning it on and off, you're only fooling yourself. The camcorder consumes the most energy when it is going between the stages of on and off. So be smart, and leave the camera on when you know you're going to be recording again in a minute. But if you know there's fifteen minutes before you're going to record again, then turn it off to save the battery life.

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