Advantages of a Panasonic Professional Video Camera over Other Brands

When choosing a Panasonic professional video camera, you will find that there are a number of benefits with these cameras compared to other brands. This makes the camera perfect for anyone who wants to make high quality professional videos. When shopping for a professional video camera, you should always consider Panasonic for the following reasons:


Many of these professioanl video camera models from Panasonic are tapeless. This has a large number of advantages. Firstly, the format is recorded in a digital format which can be easily copied to a computer. These tapeless systems also makes it possible to record high quality footage without the danger of the tape stretching. These have space for up to 360 minutes of recording per memory card.


These Panasonic professional camcorders are very reliable. This ensures that they won't let you down. You will be able to easily use these cameras every day as an important piece of equipment.


These Panasonic professional camcorders feature 3CCD technology. This means that the cameras have a separate CCD sensors for Red, Green and Blue. This ensures that the images captured by the cameras are as high quality as possible.


These cameras are unique because they feature a high quality Leica Dicomar Lens. This is a high quality Wide Angle lens with 12 x optical zoom. This makes it easy to capture everything in the scene.