Adjusting Your Digital Video Camera View Finder Explained

Working with the camera view finder as opposed to the LCD screen can be more beneficial to the videographer because it is a true representation of the image that will be captured. Your LCD screen can sometimes fail to alert you if a bright light is creating glare on your subject . Even worse, sometimes you could accidentally lower the brightness of the screen instead of closing the aperture, and this will result in a slightly overexposed image that you won't notice until post production. This is why it's best to use the view finder.

Lift the View Finder

When using the view finder you're going to want to adjust it to a position that is comfortable for you. Some camcorders have view finders that can be lifted up at an angle. If this is the case, then it's the first step in adjusting it. You may need to slightly pull the view finder out to lift it.

Adjust the Lever

Not everyone has the same eyesight, and there is a small lever under the eye piece that you can adjust to bring the image into focus for your eyes. This lever does not affect the focus of the recorded image.

Use a Large Eye Cup

Some view finders are large enough for a disposable eye cup to be attached. Not only does this make looking through the view finder a more comfortable experience, but it also promotes sanitation by stopping the spread of pink eye and other diseases.

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