6 Reasons To Get a GPS Camcorder

When shopping for a video camera, you might stumble across a GPS camcorder. These are very useful types of camcorders which can record the location where a video was recorded. While these are more expensive than a standard camcorder, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to get one. The advantages aren't just because the camera is able to detect the location either. Many of these cameras offer additional features.

1. Clock Setting

GPS camcorders will almost always set the clock automatically. This is actually a very useful feature because setting clocks can be difficult. It also means that if you travel to another country in a different time zone, the clock will automatically be adjusted accordingly.

2. Location

All of these cameras are designed to be able to locate where you are currently. This can normally be looked at on the screen which makes it really easy to work out exactly where you are.

3. GeoTagging

GeoTagging is a wonderful feature of GPS camcorders and is perhaps the main reason to get one. Many people will end up taking videos in many different locations, and then they will forget exactly where these were taken when they play them back.

GeoTagging will avoid this problem because you will never forget where the videos were recorded. The location of the photos will be recorded in the Meta information of your video. This means that when you load it onto your computer, you can find out exactly where it was taken.

4. Advanced Models

Almost all top of the range digital video camcorders include GPS functions. This means that if you want to buy a great camcorder, then there is already a good chance that it has a GPS function built in. Many of these are hard drive models which have plenty of storage.

It's also possible to find some flash memory camcorders available which have GPS functions. It's not, however, possible to find ones which record on older DV tapes. All of these models are also capable of recording in full HD quality. This makes it possible to capture your videos in the highest quality possible.

5. Organizes Videos

The GPS feature is a great way to organize your videos automatically according to their location. When the videos are uploaded to Flickr or other video sharing web sites, then the location will automatically be tagged. The videos will automatically be organized and categorized according to where you filmed them. Anyone looking at your photos online will also be able to easily find out where the videos were recorded.

6. Travelers

Anyone who does a lot of traveling will find that these GPS camcorders are extremely useful. These cameras will not only change the time automatically, but they will be able to capture where the video is recorded automatically. This will be able to store the information securely so that you will never forget where a video is recorded. You might think that you will never forget where a video is recorded, however, it's likely that you will. The GPS cameras will save you from anything that you might forget.