6 Care Tips for Your Camcorder

A camcorder makes it possible to record videos of all sorts of special events. It's also a brilliant way to make money profitably. In order to use your camera reliably you will need to follow a few simple care tips. Camcorders are also expensive and by learning how to look after it properly you will be able to make your camcorder last for as long as possible.

Understanding these various care tips can make your camcorder more reliable. This should make it much easier to make money taking videos.

1. Lens Caps

One very common problem affecting people who use camcorders is when the lenses become scratched. If the lens is scratched or damaged then this will be noticeable on any videos that you record. The best way to prevent this from happening is to put your lens caps over the lenses to ensure that they are fully protected.

The lens caps will also prevent dust and dirt from getting inside the lens and affecting the quality of the videos that you take. You must also avoid touching the lens with your fingers because the grease contained in fingerprints can break down the protective layers on the lens.

2. Inside Bags

You should always keep your camcorder inside a reliable and high quality camcorder bag. The bag will not only protect your camcorder from damage but it will also make it much easier to carry all of the accessories that you need with you. A camcorder bag should be chosen which provides plenty of cushioning and protection for your camera.

3. Cleaning the Body of the Camcorder

When cleaning the body of the camcorder you should use specialist cleaning materials and products. Never take your video camera anywhere near water because this could potentially cause it to break or stop working completely. If you do have a lot of dirt on the body of your camcorder then you can use a slightly dampened cloth.

4. Head or Laser Cleaning

If you have a camcorder that records onto MiniDV tapes or mini DVDs then you will need to clean the heads. In a DVD camcorder this is possible using a cleaning DVD. In a MiniDV style camcorder you will need to purchase a separate cleaning tape which can be run through your camcorder.

5. Cleaning LCD Screens

LCD Screens are highly susceptible to damage and they will often get covered in lots of fingerprints. To remove these marks you should use a microfiber cloth as anything else could scratch the delicate screen. The same cloth can be used on viewfinders as this will be gentle enough.

6. Batteries

Your camcorder will probably use rechargeable batteries. You should always make sure that you run the batteries down completely before you charge them. This will help to prolong the life of the batteries and make sure that they can hold a greater charge for longer. If your batteries do start running down then you should consider replacing them with genuine batteries from your camcorder manufacturer. Never use the compatible imports as these could void the warranty on it.

These few simple tips should make your camcorder look as good as new for much longer. This will also protect your investment since you don't have to worry about purchasing another camcorder in the near future.

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