5 Useful Tips to Make Your Own Vacation Video

Vacations are memorable times and using a camcorder to make your own video is the best way to keep those cherished memories around many years later. Here are some tips on how to make your own video of your vacation.

1. Consider Safety and Accessibility

Your camcorder and its accessories must be kept safe, so put them in a durable case and keep the change of weather in mind. The camera should be somewhere near your reach for easy access as you may see a great scene that you do not want to miss. Do not forget to carry extra memory sticks and batteries for emergencies. A shoulder strap for the camcorder will help you keep it from falling

2. Take Candid Shots

For great candid shots, make sure that the subjects are not watching as this removes artificial poses from the pictures and keeps them natural and fun. Do not forget to capture as many candid moments as possible.

3. Make a Story

Carry a notebook along so that it will be easy for you to note the names of places and various signs as you go along. These things are needed to complete the story of your vacation.

4. Take Family Photos

Do not forget to take family photos at landmarks and make sure everyone is smiling. Sad faces spoil the jolly mood.

5. Carefully Edit

Upon getting home, edit the video but never discard the master copy; it has all the raw moments that you may want to put back in once you make your own video.