5 Tips on How to Buy a DVD Camcorder

It all seems pretty straightforward when you set out to buy a DVD camcorder, but that is before you are faced with a multitude of choices. Here are some things you should research prior to going out to buy a DVD camcorder:

1. Set a Realistic Budget

No matter what your budget is, you can probably find a model within your price range. Prices can start at as little as $80 and go over $3000.

2. Decide on the Chip Number

All cameras have an electronic system of sensors that convert color and light into an image. In DVD camcorders, the devices are referred to as CCD and CMOS, also called chips, and each system has its own strengths and weaknesses. Most camcorders have either one or three chips, indicating the number of separate sensors the camera has.

3. Assisted Focus

A DVD camcorder with assisted focus will help with obtaining sharp images and allow you to pay more attention to what is happening (than on having to concentrate on focusing the image).

4. Editing Options

These options will depend on what you like to do with your images once you have them recorded. These can range from very simple, such as drag and drop into a slide show, to models that allow adding graphics, frames and music.

5. Compatibility

Be sure when you buy a DVD camcorder, it is compatible with software you already have on your computer or TV. If you purchase any accessories, be sure they are all compatible with your new camcorder.