5 Features to Consider When Buying Digital Camcorders

Buying digital camcorders can be intimidating, especially due to the ever-increasing technological advancements being made constantly. However, a few basic details can help you choose the right one. Here are some important features to consider when buying a digital camcorder:

1. HD or Standard 

This depends on other factors like your requirements and budget for the camcorder. You need to determine which features you need and your purpose for buying a camcorder. If you need it only for personal use with a nominal budget, then you can go for pocket camcorders or a standard definition camcorder. On the other hand, if you want more features and better video quality, then you can choose from HD Consumer or Prosumer Camcorders. If you are a professional, then you should definitely go in for the video capable Digital SLRs or Professional Camcorders.

2. File Format (Recording)

It is important that you check the format. It needs to be compatible with your PC, so you do not have problems in compression and decompression of video files.

3. Screen 

The bigger the size and higher the resolution of the screen, the better the video. However, this large bright screen can eat up on your battery life. Therefore, choose a screen with some care and attention.

4. Zoom Lens

Most camcorders, except the pocket camcorders, come with a zoom lens. Always look at the optical zoom spec, as this gives you the maximum zoom. A 10X zoom is generally considered standard for most general purposes.

5. Image Stabilization

This is very useful in most cases, especially for people with shaky hands. Most camcorders have either optical image stabilization or electronic stabilization. The former has a lens mechanism that moves to adjust the exterior movement and the latter works after the image or video is shot. These are a few important features you will need to be aware of when buying a camcorder.