4 Types of Mini Video Camcorders

There are several mini video camcorders on the market, and they are used for various purposes. Here are some popular types of mini video camcorders:

1. Flip-Mono

The digital flip-mono uses a USB jack for your computer. You can upload directly to video websites like YouTube if you wish.

2. James Bond

This is a digital spy camera and voice recorder that comes in a 2 gb, 4gb or 8 gb spy pen, and it functions as a ball point pen. It uses a USB transfer and records in full color up to 15 meters away. With the advent of the iPod and iPhone, you can use them to video, as well.

3. Lapel Video Camera

A lapel video camera is available in two models and has a microphone also. The only controls are on and off, and it's very easy to use.

4. Belt Buckle

Belt buckle video cameras have high definition recording, depending on the flash card inserted. They record up to 2 gb and have a battery life of two hours. They use a USB adaptor and lithium batteries and can record up to 22 hours (depending on the battery being used).