4 Top Rated DVD Cameras of 2010

Not every DVD camera can be rated as the best, but below are the top cameras of 2010. The cameras on this lists offer a variety of useful features and have proven to be liked by users.

1. Sony DCR-DVD 403

The reviews say this is a mini DVD camcorder with noticeable shutter lag--not good for fast captions. Despite this, it produces great still photographs. The photos may have a reddish cast to them, but the colors are vivid due to great camera resolution. The video is great due to color saturation and accuracy. The picture effects available are sepia tone, mosaic effects, black and white and pastel.

2. Canon Vixia HG20

The image produced by this camera is great. The video output, along with storage space, is excellent. The left side of the camera is where most action occurs. The motor may be noisy, but battery life is great. This camera is a product of many improvements, and these can be seen in the video quality and the high definition image.

3. Sony DCR-DVD 650

The reviews of this camera are that the video produced is crisp, with a 60X optical zoom and good battery life that can last up to 11 hours. The pictures are also of great quality, up to 680K-pixels. Its small size makes it very easy to handle and portable.

4. Sony DC 50

The video produced by this camera is outstanding and the image quality is top notch. The photos are sharp and vibrant. This is because it has a sensor of CCD type with 9.1 megapixels. Reviews say that this DVD camera makes no noise and this is because the sensor type used allows in much more light.