4 Tips for Finding a Cheap Canon Camcorder

You have figured out that you want to get a cheap Canon camcorder since your budget is limited. But, how do you decide on the one to get? Here are some tips to help you choose:

1. Look for Store Floor Models

Start with the video store itself to try to find a cheap Canon camcorder. You may find a model that was used as a floor stock, or a sale on a previous model when the new ones come out. Also check online at store websites to see if there are special deals, coupons or other discounts offered.

2. Consider a Used Camera

It’s often possible to find a cheap Canon camcorder on sites like eBay or Craigslist. These are websites where people sell their cameras, or stores even sell new ones at reduced prices. It’s worth a try to find your video camera at one of these sites.

3. Try Wholesale Websites

Sometimes a cheap Canon camcorder will show up on a wholesale website such as Overstock.com. This site carries products that were overstocked elsewhere, and the customer gets the benefits of lower prices. It’s worth looking to see, as their stock changes often.

4. Local Clubs or Schools

Another venue for cheap Canon cameras is a local video club or college where video studies are taught. These may sell their used cameras when they upgrade to a newer model. Get your name on their list in case this happens.